The team

Jan Fasting has 35 years of experience as an outdoor guide and had the security responsibility and route arrangement for 71 ° North for 12 years. On one of these tours he became acquainted with landowner Per Kveim and thus started the adventure of Canvas Hotel

In 2016, Thomas Svendsen (@brynjulf_photography) became Canvas’s first full-time employee. He has a background in the customer service industry, a freelance photographer and a mountain bike instructor education from PMBIA. Thomas works at the hotel throughout the season. Thomas is otherwise a very competent photographer with several publications in, for example, Mountain Bike, Outdoor Life and the UTE magazine.

Vebjørn Haugerud takes care of sales and booking and guides on Canvas so often the family allows. He also works with Jan on the operation of Fasting Outdoor.

Ngoni Utete, or Desmond as we call him is the kitchen’s soul and chef. Desmond has 13 years as a safari guide in Africa behind him and has been with Canvas from the start. Desmond keeps the kitchen in the kitchen and ensures that the meals are taken care of.

Espen Bierud takes care of communication, public relations and social media. He has previously worked at NRK and the Institute of Marine Research.

The Nest at Canvas Telemark