Project Description

Underwater safari with electric scooter

Around 98% of Rawt national park is located under water. Experience the deep blue landscape with an electrical underwater scooter.

1. Snorkeling and introductory course on using the sea scooter in secured waters. Suitable for anyone with swimming abilities, also for children accompanied by parents.

You will learn how to correctly use snorkeling gear and how to maneuver the scooter. We will stay on the sea surface, and your wetsuit will act to keep you afloat. This is the perfect family outing, and the activity can be combined with glass-bottom canoeing so everyone can follow along.

Price: NOK 2 900,- for up to 5 participants.
Duration: around 2.5 hours

2. Snorkeling in open ocean with sea scooter. Perfect for those with some previous experience and good swimming abilities.

We’ll start up on the beach, check out the gear and give you a chance to test your skills before heading out into the open water. We offer to teach you to dive and by using the scooter correctly you can get 3-4 meter down under the surface. Water and wind conditions determine the course we take.

Price: NOK 850,- per person for advertised tours.
Private tour: NOK 3 500,- (1-5 participants)
Duration: around 3 hours.

3. Snorkeling in open ocean with sea scooter and lead weights. By operating the scooter you don’t have to swim allowing you to hold your breath longer. Using lead weights will balance your buoyant so that you’ll barely float. This allows you to dive down 10-15 meters under water, if you wish to explore the deeper depths of the sea. You must be able to drain your mask under water.

Price: NOK 850,- per person for advertised tours.
Private tour: NOK 3 500,- (1-5 participants).
Duration: around 3 hours.

4. This is the ultimate expedition for the experienced waterman. With a personal guide and an escort boat, we’ll take you out to explore the islets at the mouth of the coast. This tour is for those who feel they already master the freedriving sport and is experienced with equalization. We’ll change into gear at Canvas Hove and head out on a boat into the open ocean.

Price: NOK 1 450,- per person for advertised tours.
Private tour: NOK 6 900,- (1-5 participants).
Duration: around 5 hours.