Project Description

Mountain-biking Telemark

Canvas Telemark is one of the world’s best places for mountain biking. The trails alternate between large, unique granite surface and fast forest trails. The unique hotel has been featured in a bunch of national and international newspapers and magazines and has fantastic statistics on our more than one hundred online reviews.

We have the equipment and guides that make mountain biking possible for everyone. From 2019 we will also have some electric bikes for hire.

Canvas Telemark is open for booking every weekend from 2. of May until the 20. of Oktober, but we do open the hotel for groups and companies on weekdays. The price for a weekend is NOK 5450 per person, which includes all meals and everything else, except for alcohol and bicycle hire.

The program can be customized, but it usually looks like a two-day program:

Arrival day:
We meet you in the parking lot in the middle of the forest a few kilometers from the hotel either at 16:00 and 18:00. Luggage is transported up to the hotel. If you meet us at 4pm you have plenty of time for a bike ride or a longer walk when you arrive.
Dinner is served around 20.30

Day 2
You are awakened with coffee in the yurt, then breakfast. We plan the day based on weather, wishes and conditions so that it is optimal for everyone. We come back for lunch and have a quiet time in the yur before those who want to take an afternoon trip or simply enjoy the quiet of the camp when the others go on a trip.
After a day of plenty of exercise and fresh air, it will taste good with something to drink, a bath and sauna.
We meet for some snacks by the fire before dinner starts between eight and nine o´clock.

Departure day
You are awakened with coffee in the yurt, then breakfast. We take a ride on the bike before lunch and check out which is at two o’clock.