Project Description

Mountain Biking Telemark

Canvas Telemark is one of the world’s top spots for mountain biking. Follow the trails through rocky terrain, speed through pine needle paths and overpass the forest swamps. Our unique hotel in Telemark has been featured several national and international papers and magazines, and has been fantastically rated in our over hundred reviews. We have the gear and guides to make mountain biking possible for everyone, with very few exceptions. As of 2019 we also have electrical bikes available for our guests to use.

Canvas Telemark is open for booking every weekend from May 2nd to October 20th, with the possibility for bigger groups and companies to arrange accommodation during the week.

Weekend stay: NOK 5 450,- per person
Includes all meals and services, with the exception of alcohol serving and bike rental.

Our program for the weekend can be customised, but is usually set up as following:

Day of arrival:
We greet you at our parking in the forest a few kilometers from the hotel at 16:00 or 18:00. Your luggage is transported to the hotel in a separate vehicle. Those who arrive at the 16:00 meet up, will have plenty of time for a bike ride or a longer walk after arrival. Dinner is served at 20:30.

Day 2:
You wake up to coffee in your yurt, followed by a loaded breakfast. We plan the day in regards to the weather, trail conditions, as well as our guests requests, so that the day is optimal for everyone. We return for lunch and some time to relax in your yurt, before heading out for a second outing. Those who wish to stay put and enjoy the quiet camp while the group is out, is welcome to do so.

After a day packed with physical activity and fresh air, we can recommend something nice to drink or a warm bath and sauna. We meet up around the bonfire for some snacks before dinner, which starts around 20:00-21:00.

Day of departure:
Wake up with some coffee in your yurt before heading to breakfast. We head out for a bike ride before lunch and checkout. Departure is at 14:00.