Project Description


In Norwegian our word for Saturday comes from the old saying “Laugardag”, which means cleaning day. We don’t have to go many generations back in time to think of sauna or hot tub as the highlight of the week for the whole family. At Hove you can relive this Norwegian tradition.

The sauna experience: you enter the room at 38°–45°C, then relax and revel in the warmth as the temperature rises to 65°–75°C. If you get uncomfortable, you may step out at any time to breathe some fresh air and cool down. This first round should be in dry heat, known as sauna.

Go out and cool down, but not in cold water. Your skin’s pores open and sweating is good for the first phase. If you get too cold during your break, this process stops.

Re-enter the sauna when you are pleasantly chill, and this time you should add water to the oven to nourish in a steambath. You will quickly begin to sweat as your body’s core temperature is still high. However, the sweating doesn’t act to cool down your body as the room is filled with steam and the surrounding air is humid. This causes you to sweat more, giving your skin a deep cleanse.

Finish your sauna experience with a cold bath.

We recommend that you set by at least an hour for this activity, but feel free to use longer.

Capacity: 12 people
Book the sauna by sending an email to and write “Sauna Hove” in the subject box.

We offer alcohol serving in our sauna at Hove. Self-brought alcohol is not permitted. We also serve snacks by order.

Book a 2-hour steambath for NOK 750,-.
Book steambath and hot tub for NOK 1 200,-