Project Description

Canoe with a transparent hull

The whole canoe is see-through, giving you the experience of being in an on-the-water aquarium. Glide silently on the sea surface, over sandy bottom and kelp forest. In our national park you may find oysters, algae forestation, crabs, flounders and endlessly more to see. This activity is brilliant for groups to combine with sea scooter snorkeling.
Price: NOK 250,- for 1 hour, additional NOK 100,- per hour.

Guided night-time outing with underwater lighting

We paddle out from the beach after the sun has set, using two powerful lanterns on each canoe. With floodlight we’ll be able to see the colorful marine life under the sea’s surface, and with some luck we might catch a crab or two.
Price per canoe: NOK 950,-
Loading capacity: 140 kg
Duration: 2-3 hours.